The Competitive Team

For placement information please contact the studio office for more information or email

Janet's Competition Team is for the dancer who wants to take dance to the next level. It involves commitment, dedication,  passion, hard work, eagerness to learn and a lot of extra effort. What your child will gain from the experience of being a part of the company is priceless, as both a dancer and an individual.


For more than a two decades, our team has competed among some of the nation’s best dance studios, performed for top choreographers, and learned from acclaimed dance instructors. There is virtually no limit to what our members can experience, accomplish and learn as a part of team if they set their mind to it.  This year, our team received much recognition and respect and it is an honor to be apart of this prestigious group.


Placement is based on the child's dance ability. Placement is not always based on the "number of years" a dancer has danced. Placement auditions are required.



2018-2019 Competition Season 

PHONE: (724) 863-8727


 407 Oak Street Irwin, PA 15642