Kaitlyn Maghery

Owner/Artistic Director


Kaitlyn has been around 407 Oak Street since she was born. Her debut was at the early age of six months. She has been exclusively trained by Janet and was dancing before she could even say the word "dance". Kaitlyn has danced in numerous shows as well as regional and national competitions spanning the country. She has been instructing and choreographing for several years. Kaitlyn has introduced the new-age choreography and style to the studio that defines her personality. She is also a licensed Zumba and ZumbaAtomic instructor. Kaitlyn's motto is that there is no such thing as you can't! Kaitlyn's choreography won her several top teacher awards. She looks forward to another creative year! 

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PHONE: (724) 863-8727

EMAIL: janetsdance@comcast.net

 407 Oak Street Irwin, PA 15642