At Janet's Dance Studio, we pride ourselves on the perfect combination of our 43 years of experience and our passion for the art of dance. We work hard to introduce and instill the right amount of self-expression, discipline and motivation in each of our students. Whether a student is dancing for fun, exercising or planning on dancing on a professional level, we are here to guide each dancer every "step" of the way.

Our goal is to allow each student to experience the elements of dance. To inspire creativity, confidence, coordination, grace, musicality, rhythm, self-esteem, technique, and true appreciation of music and dance. We are here to motivate and inspire young minds and to develop happy and healthy dancers. Our professional teaching staff strives to provide skills to strengthen and help each dancer reach hers or his ultimate potential. We focus on a positive attitude and our philosophy is, anything can be achieved with hard work and perserverance. There is no such thing as " I can't"  but rather, "I will try."

We pride ourselves in providing a family like atmosphere where everyone is welcome. We get to know all of our dancers and our door is always open. We believe that by giving your child the gift of dance, you are enriching your child's life forever.


"Your kindess, generosity, and willingness to give me a place to go and belong meant more to me than I can ever express. You gave me confidence and a sense of accomplishment just by including me. I was not able to recognize or verbalize this as a teenager. I wish I could have. I do realize I was not much of an asset.  You never made me feel that way and that meant so much.  You were a type of mentor that impacted my life greatly."  -- Lisa West-Anselm, former JDS dancer

PHONE: (724) 863-8727

EMAIL: janetsdance@comcast.net

 407 Oak Street Irwin, PA 15642